Hi, I’m Yacine, the creator of SelfLife & Co. This blog is a personal project of mine born from my constant need to examine and write about my human experience. Most noticeably, my personal struggles with low self-esteem while growing up are what made me the woman I am today, putting me on a growth journey that is never-ending.

Through SelfLife & Co, I aim to create content related to self-confidence and awareness (SELF), personal growth, living with purpose (LIFE) and community building (CO) –  as well as highlight their common vision.

This is my journey in self-improvement, living a life of meaning and being of service in this world.

Through this blog, I hope my words reach the deepest part of you, awakening and feeding the very core of who you are.

To learn more about my vision, read my first post Here.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments.


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