How to change your mindset for better health

It’s been four years now since I was diagnosed with type II diabetes. Since then I’ve been through different phases in accepting this condition. Naturally, I was first shocked and sad upon being diagnosed, even though I did not quite realize how this condition truly affected me at that time. Also, as I was unsure of how to deal with it and since the symptoms were quite faint, it was easy to ignore and even forget at times.

Nonetheless being actively conscious and aware of your health is not something anyone can afford to be lazy about and that became more and more clear to me as I continued to inform myself on this sickness and the long-term effects of it. I soon realized that not only was I participating in the physical deterioration of my being but that everything I preached about the importance of personal development was severely lacking in this area of my life. I truly believe your well-being is dependent on every aspect of your being (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental). Thus I’ve not only made it an absolute priority to take care of myself as whole but when it comes to diabetes, I’m now determined to reverse my condition, mainly with a plant-based focused diet, but that’s a topic for another article.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the most significant challenges our society faces. Most of us have developed addictions, practice over consumerism, laziness and other unhealthy habits which makes us feel almost powerless when it comes to changing our lives for the better. Nonetheless, we can take matters into our own hands, and it starts with changing our mindset.

A change of mindset can happen because of a life-changing event, however, should you wait to go through a significant life event like myself and so many other people before coming to that realization? Not at all. It is about being an actor and not just a spectator of your life by practicing prevention and living in awareness.

So how do you cultivate this mindset that will bring you to take action and be consistent with your achieving your best health care?

Here are essential elements that can help you nurture it :

Be curious, intellectually curious :

One thing I find extremely helpful when it comes to your well-being is curiosity. When you are curious, you research, ask, read, watch videos about various topics and different approaches. Therefore, you don’t settle for the common thread. In general, most people will research issues that are relevant to their reality and revolve around their primary interests, concerns, and needs. However, when you’re an inquisitive person, you dig deeper or shall I say broader because you have an open mind and wish to learn something about, well,  everything. For example, if you’re anything like me, you will find yourself one night watching a video on Bollywood superstars and the next one, researching vegan recipe’s on Pinterest and another, attending a painting class or discovering a new-found obsession for planets.

More than being open to learning about different things, I also explore different perspectives, some even contradictory to mine and manage to learn from them. As an example, I consider myself a religious and spiritual person. However, I’ve thoroughly looked into atheism, and even though I obviously disagree with the general premise of it, some points have made me think differently and more wisely, even reinforcing my faith! This is what I consider intellectual curiosity!

This behavior can help you look at something like sicknesses differently, finding revolutionary yet straightforward ways of dealing with problems or keep you questioning the most common of theories. My curiosity, both about topics that are directly relevant to my life and about the world has brought me a lot of insight into the endless resources that are available to us. For example, when modern medicine says diabetes is incurable yet it’s possible to find so many testimonies of people who were able to either significantly improve their condition or even cure themselves through nutrition, it is of great benefit to my life as it pushes me not to settle or be a victim of my condition.

Being intellectually curious, not only is a great way to expand your general knowledge but it also makes you look further than what you hear, see or know. It can give you better control over your health, well-being, and life.

Think of yourself as a whole

Some people are very fitness oriented; others are much more mindful of what they eat and love to learn about nutrition. We have people who are spiritually inclined, spending most of their time learning about anything that can help them develop a deeper connection with themselves and a higher being. While we can’t be experts in every area of personal development, it’s important to understand that all the elements that make us who we are, are important to take in consideration.

The reason for this is simple – as a being, you have a soul, body, and mind and everything and anything that affects any part of you, can and will have an impact on your being as a whole. Furthermore, just like many things in nature or even nature itself, we can easily see that elements in our world work in tandem. The environment is full of regulated cycles during which the slightest change that occurs produces a different result. The cycle of water is perhaps one of the best examples of this dependency.

To achieve optimal health, you have to strive to find a balance in taking care of every aspect that makes you, you. In that aspect, it is essential to do whatever you do consciously:

– Know what you are eating and how it can affect your body and mind
– Be selective with what your mind consumes and how it can have an impact on your emotions, decisions, and choices
– Stay mindful of the type of relationships you have in your life and finally,
– Nurture a belief and value system in which you honor not only your being but also the community, the world you live and a higher essence.

You are not merely defined by your physical body, intelligence, knowledge, actions, behaviors or even beliefs. You are the sum of it all! Giving to each part of your being will allow your healthiest state of being to grow in harmony with your mind, body, and soul.

See the big picture

Just like any real rewarding experience in life, you have to think of caring for yourself as grander than it is. Being part of an environment and unique eco-system of species, our individual health is as much dependent on the well-being of the world, as the world is of ours. This is not to say that if your neighbor is sick, you will get automatically sick as well. However, if most people in your neighborhood are sick, most likely you will be as well. Because you live in the same environment and are exposed to the same toxic elements, it’s only logical that you are affected in similar ways.

We can easily observe this correlation by looking at all the disease epidemics resulting from the intoxication of the food that we eat, the air we breathe and chemicals we are exposed to. We all know about genetically modified organisms which are now prevalent in the food industry hold many health concerns – and that is just one of the greatest dangers our current world faces and something, not everyone cares to consider.

Likewise, organizations that support causes often approach people in society by asking them to reach out a helping hand. However, organizations would cease to exist if everyone understood how much their well-being depended on issues such as eradicating poverty, educating children, having access to clean water, improving living conditions in a city and more. If we were all concerned by just one cause looking to improve our quality of life, every individual would be a cause of their own, fighting for others as they fight for themselves.

All this to say that being healthy is a matter of showing concern for the world you live in as well as being aware of the deterioration of your environment and how you take part in it – but perhaps the very core reason, which is selfish, is because the world’s well-being determines your well-being.

So yes, it does mean recycling, not wasting water, being actively concerned by the health of anything you consume, and how your choices( yes, even those very personal choices ) affect you as much as the world. In this sense, being concerned about any environmental crisis or world issue is not only an issue of morality, but it’s also about being smart when it comes to knowing what could directly and probably does affect your well-being.

Seeing the bigger picture about health helps you care about everything that you actually need to care about for your survival which happens to be co-dependent with your environment’s survival and sustainability.

Start with one thing

When you’re able to see your health as a whole and within a bigger picture, I will invite you to take action by dedicating yourself to one thing about your well-being that needs improvement. It can be as broad or as specific as you would like. A more extensive or general goal would be to want to improve your overall physical health, and a more specific one within that larger goal could be to dedicate yourself to walking or doing breathing exercises every day. Within the pursuit of one well-being goal, you will soon discover that each goal can be a catalysis for the next step and that all of it eventually leads to the overall improvement of your health.

Wanting to get in shape can lead to being more physically active and If you are serious about getting in shape, your resolution will sooner or later lead up to you being more conscious of your nutrition. Once you are in a pattern of improvement where you exercise and eat well, you will less likely neglect other parts of your being. Soon after, you will be looking for other ways to improve yourself. For example, you’ll possibly get into meditation and wish to be more centered which can lead you to question your behavior and relationships, to seek something more meaningful and more in line with your new mindset.

Overall, it’s important to understand that everything is connected and that whichever way you find to care for yourself, you have to put in your best effort in because it will inevitably create a ripple effect in your life, over weeks, months, years, that will bring you the greatest of fulfilments


I hope some of these tips bring you a sense of awareness needed for you to take the next step to better your health. Whether it is the health of your physical body, of your mental or emotional state or the elevation of your spirit, I hope you understand that it all concerns that one and same thing: you but also the world.

For a better world, one of the greatest accomplishments a human being can have is to dedicate themselves and continuously aim for their highest version. So please do us all a favor and start taking care of yourself!

Let me know of any tips that have helped you gain a greater awareness of your health and well-being.

Also, if you would like me to cover a specific personal development topic or have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know by leaving a quick comment!

Take Care xoxo